The VANTRITION Advantage

What's in your supplements? You may have heard recently, an independent lab tested protein supplements on the market and found many of them containing contaminants like heavy metals, lead, mercury, and/or arsenic at toxic levels. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO. 


All of these metals can cause health problems like cancers and heart disease. We have also all heard stories of athletes who take supplements containing banned or dangerous ingredients and end up losing their eligibility to play. CLICK HERE TO READ STORY


We don't sell junk or make formulas based on fillers or cheap ingredients in order to make more profit. We keep our product's ingredients based on performance and try to provide the cleanest label around. You won't find VANTRITION Products on the US Anti-Doping Agency's List of High Risk Supplements.


We offer nutritional supplements that work and take safety and effectiveness very seriously. Prior to and after manufacture, ingredients are "University-Tested" using analytical instruments to ensure safety and quality. Products are tested, tasted, and sealed so you know the nutritional supplements you receive from VANTRITION are of the highest quality. We so believe in the safety of our products that we actually consume our own supplements. If we don't formulate, we won't take them, let alone sell them to our athletes and customers. Our products are based on nutrition science, not "Bro-Science." We are passionate about nutrition and dedicated to bringing athletes safe and effective nutrition supplements. There will be no surprises when taking our supplements if there ever comes a time when you need to be tested prior to the Championship Game. That's the "VANTRITION Advantage."


 Do you enjoy losing? Losing is never fun, it never has been & it never will be. To become the best and reach your highest potential, you need to train & practice smarter. VANTRITION, Nutrition for Athletic Performance Products, as part of your daily workout regimen, will maximize your time in the gym or on the field. Are you ready to become stronger, bigger & faster? It's up to you. Start NOW.

 Not sure what flavor or product to choose? Single Serve Packets are available for every product, only $2.99 each!