VANTRITION Elite Custom Blends


How serious are you? Are you ready to take the next step in getting to the next level? Our Elite Custom Blend will be made specifically for you. Designed and formulated to meet your nutritional and athletic needs and goals.

Not everything you eat or ingest gets absorbed into your body. Have you ever heard of someone who swallowed a coin? The coin goes in and the coin comes out. That's what happens when you take supplements that aren't absorbed. They end up in the toilet and not helping you with your training or practicing. 

People digest and absorb nutrients, especially protein, differently. Our goal is to design formulas that maximizes absorption of nutrients, such as proteins and amino acids, so you can get bigger, stronger and faster by achieving the strength, growth, energy and repair that you expect when taking a nutritional supplement. VANTRITION'S Elite Custom Blend will give you the edge you need to beat your competition, maximize your athletic potential, and "Get to the Next Level." Are you ready to take that next step to get to the next level? VANTRITION is here to help. Let the games begin!      

How do we formulate these Elite Custom Blends? You supply us with some information about your current body, sport, activities, as well as present and future goals. Then complete a questionnaire focusing on your current diet. We then conduct a computerized analysis that evaluates your intake and from there we provide a nutritional plan that discusses timing, dosage, and composition of your personalized nutritional supplement. Together, this will maximize your efforts. You will receive a one pound package of your Elite Custom Blend that's formulated just for you. We will follow up with you to see how you are progressing and based on that discussion we will provide an additional pound of Elite Custom Blend, either similar to the first supplement to continue your progress, or a revised formulation. Ultimately, you get a month's supply of our Elite Custom Blend formulated and made just for you.

 Here is what you get when you purchase our Elite Custom Blend:

 One lb. of our Elite Custom Blend Protein formulated just for you to meet your  athletic needs

A computerized dietary analysis based on your current diet evaluated by a Board Certified Specialist in Dietetics/Nutrition

Personalized recommended dosage and timing schedule tailored to your goals and needs

Follow-up contact to check your progress

Support from our staff of nutrition professionals

A "FREE" VANTRITION Shaker Bottle for blending your drinks


Make the decision to begin the Elite Custom Blend process by completing our survey & then placing your order:


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 Do you enjoy losing? Losing is never fun, it never has been & it never will be. To become the best and reach your highest potential, you need to train & practice smarter. VANTRITION, Nutrition for Athletic Performance Products, as part of your daily workout regimen, will maximize your time in the gym or on the field. Are you ready to become stronger, bigger & faster? It's up to you. Start NOW.

 Not sure what flavor or product to choose? Single Serve Packets are available for every product, only $2.99 each!